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Training & Racing at Altitude

Recorded on: July 26, 2023

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Mountain races are gaining popularity as fan favorites, or at the very least, as bucket list events. One thing that most of these mountain races share, is that they are located and run at high altitudes (5,000ft +). 

So, how do you prepare? Where do you start with your training? What types of training can mimic the feeling of running at altitude? What should you expect on race day? Is racing at high altitude something a sea-level runner should even attempt?

Each of our special guests are coaches and will be able to answer the questions above, and more!

christy aish
Christy Aish
Christy Aish is a Licensed Professional Counselor and long distance runner, currently living in Conifer, Colorado. She finds joy in running on roads and on high country mountain trails. After chasing buckles and personal bests in Leadville for a couple of years, Christy is currently training to see where her limits lie as a Masters marathon runner and will line up to race California International Marathon in December while still sneaking in mountain adventures as often as she can this summer with her family and friends.
Anna Mae Flynn
Anna Mae Flynn
Anna Mae Flynn has a passion for teaching, and supporting people to become their “best self”. That is Anna’s life motto which she reflects in her day to day lifestyle. Anna has been running since she was little, finding great success in high school taking 2nd place in the 3200m at the NC state champs. Her impressive results continued through college and then eventually to the ultra trail scene in 2015. Anna is has since traveled the world as a competitive elite trail runner for Hoka ONE ONE, and is the founding coach of Mountain Endurance Coaching.
Junko Kazukawa
Junko Kazukawa
Junko Kazukawa is from Sapporo, Japan. She is a Running Coach for Boundless 10200. Junko has a M.A. in Exercise Physiology. Her accolades include: Colorado Sports Women of Colorado: Inspiration/Ultrarunning, 2015: The first female to complete the Grand Slam of ultra running, 2x Leadwoman 2014, 2015, 3x Silver queen, Multiple marathons and mountain bike races. Runners Roost Mountain Ultra Team.
Sandi Nypaver
Sandi Nypaver
Sandi Nypaver is one of the co-founders of Higher Running and has been able to fully pursue her passion for coaching all levels of runners since the start of 2014. Sand is a USATF and Lydiard certified coach and elite runner. Always learning, Sandi has taken Jay Dicharry’s (sports physiologist and biomechanics expert) Running Rewired course for both sports clinicians and coaches. She’s also a graduate of Cornell’s Plant Based Nutrition Certificate program and has had a passion for health, fitness, and helping others reach their goals for her entire life. She has won or been on the podium of races ranging from a 5k road race to 100-mile trail races.

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About the Hosts

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Gina Lucrezi

As the founder of Trail Sisters, Gina’s goal is to help create opportunities and grow participation in women’s trail running. 

Kristi Confortin

Kristi is the Trail Sisters team manager, speaker series wing-woman and Birmingham, Alabama’s local group leader and a lover of all dogs.