Hot Tracks for Winter Trots

Getting out the door in the winter time (or anytime) can be rough. Some days lounging inside binge watching Game of Thrones or old episodes of Friends sounds so much better. But after you are 3 episodes deep, the guilt starts to hit and you wish you’d have gone for your run.

To help you push past the temptation of blowing off your run for some mind numbing screen time (coupled with bad Chinese or a whole pizza), we created a playlist of some of our favorite kick-in-the-pants jams.

Hopefully these 25 picks submitted by our Trail Sisters Contributors will crank your motivation into high gear and give you the pep in your step to have a great run! Enjoy, and remember to only play the air guitar on non-technical trails!

*Songs may contain explicit lyrics. 

**Use your best judgement on volume levels and whether or not you need to remove one earbud for safety purposes.

***Here’s a link for those of you wanting to listen to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album.

Reader Comments and Thoughts:

What are your go-to jams?

What should be on our next playlist? 



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