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As the days give us more light, we’re able to up our mileage with pre-work jaunts or after work adventures on the trails. And, there is always the option for the lunch-break mind reset a trail run can provide over the melting and muddy spring trails. With more adventure time, we can find ourselves a little crunched when it comes to social time outside of running.

Personally, hygiene and showers are nixed over cutting miles in these golden-hour months. I’d rather arrive a little dirty, or a lot dirty, than cut a run short and get cleaned up. (Note: Maybe this is how I got the nickname Spicy Ginger). I’ve found throwing in an outfit to change into post-run is a wonderful alternative to taking the time to drive back home, change, and then arrive late. Plus, I stay a lot warmer putting on dry clothes and feel ultra-fabulous when they’re stylish and sleek.

This spring, I’ve had the chance to throw on some Toad&Co apparel post adventures. Not only are the pieces soft, sleek, and have an edge towards professionalism, they’re also from a company that reports 94% of products as eco-friendly and a portion of each sale supports people with developmental disabilities. When it comes to purchasing power, this is the brand of company I am thrilled to invest in.

Moxie Skirt (Black)


I am a bona-fide sucker for a pencil skirt. I find them sleek, sexy, and confidence boosting. Toad&Co’s Moxie Skirt not only fulfilled all of these descriptors of a pencil skirt, they managed to do it with incredibly soft and comfortable fabric. The skirt is made from their exclusive Sambra fabric (48% Tencel 48% Organic Cotton 4% Spandex), it’s “an all–star blend of eco–friendly fibers that breathes well, has a great drape, good stretch and unparalleled resilience.”

The Moxie Skirt

I found I could easily dress this skirt up with a pair of nice boots or dress is down for an evening at the brewery by kicking a pair of Chacos on my feet. I really loved the natural hug of this skirt, great curves, without being too tight. I have to say, one of my favorite personal assets looked fantastic from behind.

The Moxie Skirt

Pockets are certainly ‘on trend’ and although the Moxie Skirt lacks a pocket, I don’t count that as a negative. A pencil skirt is supposed to be sleek and I think adding a pocket would have taken away from the lines and style of this modern pencil, I love the clean lines, edge, and lack of bulk or bumps that can turn me away from a skirt. The asymmetrical lines and slit are an added bonus in my opinion, they add an edge of modernism and art that take this skirt from simple and clean to hints of edgier.


Dusk Jacket (Salt)


This soft linen jacket will keep you cool and looking oh-so-put-together even as the heat and humidity rise towards summer months. The art really is in the details when it comes to this cotton twill jacket. Indigo chambray trim details add a hint of color and overall polished feel to the jacket. And, concealed button–front closure compliments the casual but clean linen style. An internal adjustable draw cord at the waist helps personalize the fit on anyone with the ability to custom cinch, adding a curved flattery to the jacket.

Dusk Jacket

Made from 62% Linen and 38% Organic Cotton, “the elegant linen mixes with the organic cotton in a beautiful twill weave that gets softer and mellower with each wash.” It is a very comfortable and well put together summer post-run jacket, and I think I’ll enjoy it more with each wash.

Although I loved the custom internal draw cord within the jacket that added dimension, I still felt a little blocky in this jacket. I have a feeling this has to do with my height (just shy of six feet tall), making the jacket hemline hit me a little awkwardly at my hips and I found the sleeves and hemline a little wider than I personally prefer. I think this jacket would fit perfectly on someone slightly more petite than myself.

Dusk Jacket Interior

Fortunately, Toad&Co has a great guarantee, “If you don’t get a compliment within three wearings or if you find something wrong with your Toad&Co garment, we’ll take it back and make it right.” A company that supports sustainability and compliments, now that’s something I can dig.

Overall, I loved changing into my Toad&Co clothing post runs, I felt well put-together and ready to enjoy an evening with friends and loved ones post muddy adventures. My clothes certainly didn’t give away my longer adventures and I think the mud on my calves and the sweat in my brow made for the perfect accoutrements to sharing a few beers with a few friends in clothes that made me feel comfortable and confident. I’ll be rocking my Moxie skirt for a while and investing in a new tall-girl jacket from a company I am happy to support.

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Blair Speed

Blair Speed

Blair is a Bozeman, Montana, based photographer who crafts intimate images that communicate beauty, empathy, and connection to life’s most simple, raw, and hidden moments. She is also an endurance coach with a limited number of athletes working and expanding towards their individual goals each year. She has the opportunity to write about these intimate + raw moments shared through her lens to the world and an ever present appreciation for the landscape as background. 


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