AJ Wojtalik

AJ is a mom, frolicker, and writer – sometimes in that order. She grew up in the mountains of Colorado and currently lives in Denver, comes alive in the wilderness, and works in marketing and communications for the Colorado Outward Bound School.

Running Towards 40

I just celebrated my 40th birthday and couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Seriously. I envision my 40s as the time when I will be unapologetically me. When I will relentlessly pursue my passions, love the snot out of my friends and family, and hold space for what brings me joy. And say no to what doesn’t.

Shared Spaces: Trail Running During Hunting Season

Fall is the time of year when hunters and runners intersect in the backcountry, often with very different plans. Whether I’m in camo or my favorite TS gear, many of my additional considerations for backcountry travel are similar right now. So in honor of my seasonal wardrobe change, I offer you my officially unofficial ask-a-runner/hunter Q&A.

Chasing Wildflowers

Since I was a kid, one thing I’ve always known is that I should go to the woods when I have questions. Often, this is a solitary activity for me but in recent years I’ve found myself venturing out more with partners or small groups and that has completely transformed my experience – both on and off trail.

Get It, Mama!

I never really thought of myself as influential until 2009, when I had my daughter. Once the feeling of being a human-growing badass gave way to the reality that this little person was looking to me to paint her universe, the wave of responsibility was intense.