Ashley Dougvillo

Ashley Dougvillo is Physical Therapist, Certified Manual Therapist and a Certified Running Technique Specialist. She enjoys treating patients at Smith Physical Therapy and Running Academy in Crystal Lake, IL as well as Kenosha, WI. Ashley has a true passion for working with all age levels and abilities, but as both a runner and mother, she has a special interest in treating running-related injuries and women’s health. When she is away from the office, Ashley enjoys trail running, hiking, exploring history and spending time with her family which includes her husband, two girls Sydney and Lucy, and dog Maki. Ashley is always open to questions and you can reach her at [email protected]

The Pelvic Floor: The Missing Puzzle Piece for Pain-Free Running

If you were to google running injuries, injuries caused by running, stretches to help with running injuries, pain with running……a myriad of articles, blogs, and stories would likely pop up. A common area missing however is valuable information on the pelvic floor and the role it plays in injury prevention.