Carrie Fishman

Carrie Fishman is currently transitioning from high school English teacher to life coach and therapist. A two-time marathoner, she has been running and hiking among the redwoods of the Northern California coast for over a decade. Also a performer, she can occasionally be found on stage with her community theater; often alongside her daughter. Connect with Carrie through instagram: @carrie.runsfortbragg, or facebook:

Look Where You Want to Go

It’s not too uncommon for urban kids to grow up with some kind of seemingly heinous gap in their outdoor activity skillset: not knowing how to climb a tree, swim, or ride a bike, for example. I concede that my parents vaguely tried to get me biking, but I never ventured beyond my cul-de-sac into the traffic-choked streets.

What Happens if You Can’t Exercise?

How do you feel about food and your body? Do you unconditionally love and accept yourself? Are you at peace with your relationship with food? And would you feel the same if you could no longer run; no longer walk?

Stop Apologizing – For Being “Slow” and Everything Else

I met my best running friend (BRF) in the copy room of the high school where we work. She was a new hire. I don’t know who said “I heard you’re a runner” first, but it probably wasn’t me, since I was still terrified of running with other people. But I like to challenge myself and grow, so when she asked if I wanted to go for a run, I said “Yes, but…” Thus, a long line of excuses was born.