Carrie Hammond

Brief Bio: I prefer lists :) 1. Born and raised in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. 2. Birthday: March 12, 1984 (totally a Pisces). 3. Joined the Navy in March 2003 and still on active duty. 4. Has an amazing 15-year-old daughter, Jaylin Sayers, who is going to change the world. 5. Has lived in Virginia, Nevada, Washington, California, and Italy (thank you Navy). 6. Loves to explore, travel, hike, run, adventure, camp, roam, reading, and deep conversations. 7. Lover of cats, coffee, and music. 8. Complete introvert that must play extrovert sometimes but gets tired from it. 9. Superpowers include overthinking, anxiety queen, forgetting everything, and being incredibly intuitive. 10. Currently resides in Chula Vista, California with her husband, Jeff and their cat, Astro.

My Trail to Truth

I remember the exact moment. The moment that altered the course of my life. The moment that I saved my life. The day I told someone…I have an eating disorder. I suppose I should back up slightly and start about 14 years before that moment. There I was… a small-town Missouri girl who had her mid-life crisis at 18. I ran off and joined the Navy.