Gabi Maudiere

Gabi Maudiere is an anti-diet run and fitness coach. She works with clients and athletes of all body sizes to ditch the diet and learn to fuel their training in a way that is both sustainable and full of satisfaction. As an Intuitive Eating Food Counselor, her mission is to help dismantle diet culture while proving you don’t have to forego personal aspirations in the process (like running your first hundred miler, or shaving off time from your half-marathon PR). Gabi believes a donut is just as nutritious as an apple, and that learning how to find peace between both is the true success to a lifetime of well-fueled running. She is currently training to run a sub 3-hour marathon, and routinely eats Trader Joe’s French Vanilla Bean ice cream on her off days. You can find her on social media @gabi_maudiere or on her website,

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