Lianne van Dijk

Lianne is a mountain lover, born in one of the flattest countries on earth (ironically). She ran her first ultra in 2019 and hasn’t looked back since, even winning the occasional race. After spending some time in different countries in Europe, she has fallen in love with the mountains of Ireland as well as the Alps. Being a freelance writer, she’s keen to explore some more for years to come.

I Am Doing This, and So Can You

Run an ultra, climb mountains, push through pain? For years I just assumed I wasn’t strong enough, brave enough, tough enough. Doing things that were really hard took a different type of people – or so I thought.

Solo Travel and Adventures

“Are you alone?” The owner of the hut is looking over my shoulder as if he’s expecting another person to emerge from the mountains. I tell him that I am in fact alone, for today. I don’t know why I add those two words – for today – and I spend the rest of the climb wondering why I said that.

What a Year Without Racing has Taught Me

Unlike many other runners, my running journey didn’t start with a race. When I started training for my first 5k and 10k, I didn’t have a particular finish line in mind. All I wanted was to be able to cover that distance on my own two feet.