Lisa Perky

Lisa Perkins is a public school educator, mommy, wife, dog-lover, and pretend-runner. She enjoys sarcasm, cookies, being in the back of the pack, and sprinkling conversations with well-executed profanity. Look for future blogs, such as “If you thread the needle to pass on a 2 way single track, I’ll clothes-line you” and “It’s ok to eat pizza in the bathtub – you’re an adult”.

An Ode to the Weekend Warrior

The female sex is so often guilty of comparing ourselves to others. It’s a known phenomenon among Kardashian followers, Instagram models, Pinterest moms, and I’d

Hot Mamas of Habanero

A military wife & mother of eight, a vegan ceramic artist, and an English teacher walk into a bar… Wait, no. A homeschool teacher, chihuahua

The Appearance of Perfect?

When I was created, I was given a double serving of Imposter Syndrome matched with an extra helping of Napoleon Complex. It has been a

Emotional Pollution

I’ve mentioned before that running is a time of meditation and centering for me, and I believe that to be true of many of us.

Worst Friend To Run With

I’ve had this friend since junior high. We’ve been through quite a bit together, for better or worse, so when I decided to take up

Running Built My Family

My husband likes to say “everything happens for a reason.” I like to imagine punching him in the face, because that saying is the LEAST