Madeline Radigan

Madeline is an ultra runner and registered dietitian living in Northern Virginia. She loves being in the mountains with her family, and spends most of her free time hiking and trail running in Great Falls or Shenandoah National Park.

Supporting Your Health and Immunity During a Global Pandemic

At times staying healthy can seem entirely overwhelming, and even impossible for those who don’t have immediate access to groceries and medical supplies. It’s important for us to keep our health goals in perspective during this time, and to focus on what we can control in our daily lives that maintains our health both physically and mentally.

Nutrition for Menstruating Athletes

Many women end up dreading this monthly cycle, feeling like they have no control over its effects on training, performance, or life in general. When we learn how our bodies change and fluctuate throughout this cycle, we gain better control over how it affects our lives.

Iron Deficiency in Female Athletes

Iron is a mineral that aids in transporting oxygen throughout the human body, and is critical not just for performance, but for human survival. Every organ and muscle we have depends on this tiny compound to continue beating, breathing, moving…