Megan Karas

Megan Karas lives in the Adirondacks of Upstate NY where she can run trails to her heart’s content. She had always wanted to be a runner, even from a young age, but didn’t start until her early forties because her weight always held her back. After having lost 130+ lbs, she started running and fell in love with it. She eventually heard about trail running and that made her love it even more. She ran her first road half marathon in 2013. Her short-term goal is her first 6-hour timed trail race in Aug 2019, and then a road half marathon in October 2019. As she builds her miles and training, she hopes to run a 50k in 2020. Besides running, she especially loves spending time with her husband, drink coffee, and enjoy the beach. Someday she would like to travel around the US in a camper.

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