Patricia Burgess

Patricia Burgess

Patricia has been long-time runner, starting while studying for the California bar exam. She is retired attorney, philanthropist, mother, grandmother, and wife. She loves being out-of-doors whether running, hiking, swimming, biking. Patricia has a blog for her musings and has written two books, “Smart Jocks, Long Talks and Pink Socks,” about her father, and “First Friends: Love, Loss and Life in Humboldt County,” about discovering running and friends during a tough time in her life.

Running 2020

Running is so many things to me: a measure of my mood, my physical health, my self-worth, my community. My running journey is a marker of passing through this life. It began during the summer of my studying for the California bar exam, as I slowly and gingerly walked, then jogged, and finally ran on an oval track in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

Running Dark

As a neophyte in the late 1970s, I ran before dawn (and work) at the local high school track. My dog was my companion, barking at any strange smell or movement, pulling at his leash.

World Senior Games: My First Competition

October 19, 2018, I ran the Huntsman World Senior Games 10k from Snow Canyon Park to the city park in Ivins, Utah (near St. George). Over 11,000 seniors (ages 50-almost 100) participate over the next two weeks in almost every sport imaginable, from running to swimming to tennis to basketball to archery and many more.

The Porpoise and the Greyhound

“You have to embrace the porpoise to unleash your healthy inner greyhound.” I was puzzled by my friend’s note, after I’d informed him that my physical therapist said, “No running.” I’d torn my left hamstring; the injured area throbbed with sharp, shooting pain.