Stacey Armijo

Stacey is an adventure mom living in Park City, Utah with her husband and three boys. Stacey grew up in Solona Beach Ca, gravitating towards sports as early as she could remember. She played field hockey at UNC chapel hill, earning 3 National Championship titles. After college, Stacey immediately fell in love with competitive running, and today she relishes the thrill and challenge of most outdoor sports, more specifically, trail running and triathlon. Stacey and her husband just launched a Children’s book series, Sprout Sports Press. They created a vision to educate families on the fundamentals of each sport (first books are Soccer and Swimming) to teach kids the importance of learning, practicing and having fun while experiencing a new sport… because it’s never too early for sports education! Follow Stacey on Strava: Stacey Armijo

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