Sandi Nypaver

Higher Running

Poncha Springs, 

About Me

Co-founder & Director of Coaching Development at Higher Running
Coaches all levels, distances from 5k to 100+ miles, and all surfaces.

Coach Sandi is one of the co-founders of Higher Running and has been able to fully pursue her passion for coaching all levels of runners since the start of 2014. Sand is a USATF and Lydiard Certified Coach, NASM NCCA Certified Personal Trainer, a L2 Certified Gait Analyst and elite runner. Always learning, Sandi has taken Jay Dicharry’s (sports physiologist and biomechanics expert) Running Rewired course for both sports clinicians and coaches. She’s also a graduate of Cornell’s Plant Based Nutrition Certificate program and has had a passion for health, fitness, and helping others reach their goals for her entire life. You’ll often find her reading the latest research about health and running, as well as the books from all of the legendary running coaches. Sandi also believes in having a holistic approach to running, having witnessed herself the performance-enhancing effects of good nutrition, lifestyle, and a positive mindset. To better help people develop a high-performance mindset she completed the Finding Your Best course by world-renown performance psychologist Michael Gervais and NFL coach Pete Carrol. She has won or been on the podium of races ranging from a 5k road race to 100-mile trail races. If you wish to work with her, be ready to use running as a tool to improve your life outside of running while also learning how to use situations outside of running to improve your physical performance.

More services included with coaching:

-Movement Assessment & Run Gait Analysis

-A list of strength exercises to focus on and when to do them (based on movement assessment and gait analysis)

-Mindset Training

-Guidance on plant-based eating for athletes


My Coaching Style / Methodology

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