Sara Mahoney

Sara Mahoney

Science and Art Coaching


About Me

Hi! I came to running through a pretty traditional route; I ran track and cross country through high school and college. Honestly, I loved it so much that I pursued a PhD in Exercise Physiology so I could better understand performance and fatigue. I started coaching at the Division I level during grad school and have kept coaching track and cross country since. I discovered trail running and dove into running ultras, and love to compete at any distance or surface!

Coaching is by far the best part of my day. I love getting to know athletes and helping them find strength they didn’t know they had.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

I work with athletes of all backgrounds and abilities, training for short stuff all the way through 100s. I check on my athletes every day so I can get to know you well and so we can make adjustments to the plan as often as necessary. My goal is to support you through your running journey and help you find joy along the way!

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