Banana Slug Backyard 24

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April 19, 2025

The Banana Slug Backyard 24 is the perfect race for someone who wants to set a new personal-best for the longest run they’ve ever completed, for any distance up to 100 miles.

The format of this race is identical to a “backyard ultra” (that is, there’s a 4.167-mile loop and every hour, on the hour all runners line up at the start line and must complete the loop within the hour in order to continue). What makes a “backyard 24” different from a “backyard ultra” is that this race is no a last-person-standing race. Instead, the race ends at the end of the 24th loop, (that is, after 24 hours or 100 miles). There is no winner in this race. The official results will have “finishers” that complete all 24 loops on time (for 100 miles) and a well-earned DNF for everyone else, (the results for every individual will indicate how many loops and what distance was successfully completed).

So, whether your current longest race is 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, 50k, 50 miler, or 100k, the Banana Slug Backyard 24 could be the perfect thing to come out and see what you can do. Choose any number as your personal goal and go for it! This is also a great race to run with a good friend. Even if they have a different goal distance than you do, there’s no reason for anyone to try to outpace anyone else. The race ends up being very social with lots of small groups running (and sometimes walking) together.

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