Devil’s Gultch

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July 13, 2024

July 13-14th 2024
Devil’s Gulch is a challenging race with three distances: a half-marathon, 50 Miler and 100 Miler. This race was created by Jessie McClurg of Banshee Running, and Evergreen Trail Runs is honored to be continuing what she started.

This course is different from most of our races–it’s got hot, dry high desert, wicked gulches and huge rock hoodoos! Plus an actual restaurant to serve you up some post-race food. The 100 Miler is a tough one, with lots and lots of vert and heat. The 50 Miler is….also challenging, just a half-portion of crazy. For those who have a more balanced relationship with running, we’ve got a half-marathon too.

Three distances are available for this race: half-marathon, 50 Miler and 100 Miler (gulp).

Race Notes:
Pacers: are allowed for the 100 Miler.
Requirements: 100 Miler participants must have run at least a 50 Miler previously.
Swag: We will have belt buckles for 100 Mile finishers, as well as awards for the top 3 finishers in all gender categories. All participants in the 100 Miler and 50 Miler will receive a tri-blend t-shirt. Participants in all distances will receive a handmade finishers award.

Required Gear: 
100 Miler: participants must carry a headlamp (with extra batteries), 2L worth of water-carrying vessels, cold-weather gear, and have the course GPS downloaded onto a phone or watch.
50 Miler: participants must carry a headlamp, 2L worth of water-carrying vessels, and have the course GPS downloaded onto a phone or watch.

Course Notes:
This is not a course to underestimate! While the views are spectacular and the geology fascinating, be prepared for long, steep climbs and descents on technical and rocky trails. There are also some very pleasant portions of this course like the nicely graded climb up the Mission Creek trail.

All distances will start with a climb up through the forest from the base area of the Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort.  At the first break in the grade, the Half Marathon course will begin a fun descent down to meet the Mission Creek Trail and head back to the finish line at the ski area. The 50mile and 100mile runners will continue climbing up towards Mt. Lillian along Tronson Ridge. Here are where the views and the geology are the most magnificent! The course then descends off of Tronson Ridge only to climb back up and over Red Hill. After Red Hill enjoy a technical but steady descent to the Mission Creek Aid Station. The course will then start on a small loop on a nicely graded single track to the Sand Creek trailhead, back towards Red Hill, and back to the Mission Creek Aid Station. Then begins the smooth but steady climb (complete with many creek crossings to cool off and enjoy) back to Mission Ridge base area. While the 50mile runners then get to rest their weary feet, the 100mile runners will head back out to repeat the 50mile loop.

There will be aid stations throughout the course with volunteers to help, food to eat and hydration to refuel. And of course, there will be an assortment of yummy food and treats waiting for you at the finish line.

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