Squak Mountain

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April 20, 2024

Squak Mountain will take your breath away – both the views and the elevation gain! It’s not our steepest climb, but your quads will get a good workout, and it will be worth every step! While only a short drive from Seattle, Squak Mountain State Park feels like a wilderness solitude. The park features miles of well-maintained trails and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.
For this race, we are offering 12km, half-marathon and 50km distances.

Detailed Race Description:
Squak Mountain is arguably one of our most challenging trail races and a staff favorite! We’ve changed the course around a bit this year and we think you’ll like the differences. Instead of multiple confusing loops, we have simplified the courses. Although, it still isn’t super straight forward and while we mark our courses very well we encourage you to study the map before the event. Please see the color-coded map below for the order of trails in which you will run and email us if you have any questions.

All distances will begin with a steady but significant climb. The 12k will then split off from the Half course and head towards the summit aid station, while the Half and 50k runners will continue on up to summit the Southeast Peak of Squak. The Half course will then follow trails along the north side of Squak before arriving at the Summit Aid for the first time. Then after completing another loop using some of the Chybinski Loop and summiting the West Peak of Squak the Half course will pass by the Summit aid stations again. All distances will descend west past the old historic Bullitt homestead remnants.​ This trail is super fun, fast, and technical! While the Half and 12k runners will then be enjoying excellent post-race refreshments, the 50k runners will get to enjoy the Half loop again! Then after passing the lap aid station a second time they will head out again and do a 5 mile loop. It will travel the initial part of the first climb, cut west after 1000′ of gain, and link back up with the Bullitt Gorge Trail Descent all the way to a rewarding finish!

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