Tale of Two Trails

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July 13, 2024

Shawnee Mission Park has a little of everything terrain wise. There will be some very smooth and runnable sections and some very technical sections. Be prepared for roots and rocks, and some rolling hills. The trails run primarily through tree canopy, but there will be a few very exposed areas throughout each loop. The stated mileage of the course will be as accurate as we can get but your GPS device may vary due to a variety of reasons, therefore all stated distances should be considered “-ish‚Äù.
Course Markers:
The course will be marked with flags and ribbons. Turns will be clearly marked with additional signage. The trails remain open to the public throughout this race, so please make note of the trail maps. You are responsible for knowing the route. PDF and GPX maps are available.
Course Map
10 Mile Loop Strava Link
Full Loop Strava Link
Elevation Chart: Coming soon

Timing and DNF:
Race will be clock timed
DNF- If you drop from the race you must do so at an aid station, and notify the aid station volunteers so that you can be marked as did not finish. Do not leave the park without communicating that you have dropped with aid station volunteers. DO NOT MAKE US LOOK FOR YOU AND/OR CALL YOUR EMERGENCY CONTACT.
AId Stations:
Aid Stations & Cutoff Charts
Aid stations are CUPLESS. You must run with a reusable cup if you would like sodas etc at aid stations. We will have reusable ultraspire cups for sale at the registration table race morning for $10.
Aid stations will be fully stocked with a variety of options in true ultrarunning style.
Variety of sodas
Variety of fruits
Sandwiches and wraps
Salty food such as chips and pickles
Sweets and candy
Soup will be available towards the late afternoon/evening
Due to Covid we ask you to please be mindful of social distancing at the aid stations. You will see more prepacked foods in order to decrease touch points and interaction. Please ask aid station workers to hand you the food you’d like.
Drop Bags:
Drop bags are allowed for the 40M and 100k runners only.
Drop bags are allowed at start finish, Shelter 8, and Walnut Grove.
Drop bags must be dropped off by 5:45 am in their designated location in order to be transported to the aid stations.
If you wish for race staff to drop your bags for you they must be in bags, not plastic totes. Roughly 5 gallon max. NO trunks, ice chests, styrofoam, or cardboard.
If you prefer larger items such as ice chests or totes you may drop them yourself on race morning and pick them up from the aid station after you finish.
Bags will be returned to start/finish as the aid stations close. Both Shelter 8 and Walnut Grove are easily accessible if you wish to retrieve your own drop bags earlier.
Please keep drop bags to be delivered to a reasonable size. Gallon ziplocks work great. Be sure to properly label your bags with your NAME, BIB #, DISTANCE, and AID STATION you would like yours placed at.
Cut off Times:
Runner’s have until 10:15 pm to complete the course. You can see mid race cutoffs on the aid station chart. The cutoffs are based entirely on park hours. We are allowing runners as much time as we can, while allowing time for everyone to be out of the park prior to gates being locked at park close at 11pm. The park police will start herding people out of the park by 10:30pm so it can be clear and locked up promptly at 11.
100k runners may have a pacer on their third (last) loop. Runners 70+ years old may have pacers starting on their second loop. Pacers are required to abide by the same race rules as their runner. Failure to do so may result in disqualification for their runner. Pacers must check in at start/finish to receive a pacer bib. Pacers also must be vaccinated against Covid and show proof of vaccination in order to receive their bib.
Crew is allowed at Start/Finish, Shelter 8, and Walnut Grove. Only runners and pacers are allowed at the aid stations. Crew may meet their runners in a designated area outside of the aid station. Crew is required to abide by the same race rules as their runner. Failure to do so may result in disqualification for their runner.
Deferment Policy:
You may defer your entry to the next year by notifying the race directors by June 1st. You must email [email protected] in order to defer.
Pregnancy deferral: A runner may defer their entry at any time if they become pregnant prior to the race. If deferring due to pregnancy you have two years to use your entry.
Race Rules:
NO Littering! Please be sure that you pack out any gu wrappers, tissues or bottles that you use on course. Litterers will be subject to public flogging and humiliation (and disqualification).
No poles allowed (contact RD’s if medical/extenuating circumstances)
No alcohol allowed in Kansas parks: This is a park rule. We cannot and will not waver on this at all. Please do not be the reason we cannot hold our races again.
There will be NO dogs allowed for this race. With the potential for busy trail systems and high heat we are erring on the side of caution for our canine companions.
This is a cupless event. You are responsible for providing your own hydration device (see aid section).
Course must be followed as marked. If any portion of the course is cut, runners will be disqualified. If you get off course you must backtrack to where you got off course and then follow the proper course.
Markings: Course will be marked using distinctive flagging/markings and will be explained in the pre race briefing.
Road crossings: Volunteers will be stationed at crossings, but runners are responsible for their own safe crossing. Please check carefully for cars and/or bikes. The park and roads will remain open during the race, so please be polite and courteous to other trail users you may encounter.
Personal music devices are allowed as long as headphones are used and you maintain a volume that allows you to hear other runners and trail users. We recommend either one earbud or bone conducting headphones. NO SPEAKERS. These are single track courses and passing will be tight, please be courteous to other runners and trail users and stay alert.
Passing: Allow runners in front of you to know that you would like to pass and then pass on the left when it is safe to do so. On out and back sections, yield to the person returning to the start/finish area.
Event Schedule:
Friday evening packet pickup TBD
5:30am: race morning packet pickup begins
6:00am: 100k and 40M start
7:00am: 20M and 10M start
10:15pm: final cutoff
Mile 90 will be taking photos of the event. Photos are included for all runners and may be downloaded for personal use.
All runners will receive a cotton blend t-shirt
100k and 40M runners will receive boco gear technical trucker hat.
20M and 10M runners will receive custom boco gear socks.
Additional socks and hats are available for purchase at registration.
There will be overall podium awards for each distance. First, Second, and Third place man, women, and non-binary.

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