Post Run Comfort: Toad&Co – Merino Merritt Hoodie

Toad&Co Merino Merritt Hoodie PC: Justin Keller

It’s winter, and cold weather is in full affect. A run outside means long tights, a jacket, gloves and a beanie. Once you get rolling, the body warms up and the sweat beads start to roll. Your tights, sports bra, and shirt are soaked, and at first you don’t mind. But then your run ends, and those warm wet clothes quickly turn into a cold torture device. Your teeth start to chatter as you shiver, and your numb fingers struggle to find their dexterity to strip the wet clothes from your damp cold skin. All you can think about is wrapping yourself in a big toasty blanket to get warm.

This blanket is made of merino wool, boiled down so that it’s light weight, super soft, and ultra warm. And what do ya know, it even has a draped hood and two handwarmer pockets. The Toad&Co Merino Merritt Hoodie is the warm and toasty blanket you (and I) have been dreaming about. 

The jacquard knit gives the hoodie a sophisticated look, while still being functional to cure those post-run chills. Whether you want to dress up for a night out on the town or just lounge around home for a relaxing evening, the Merino Merritt Hoodie will be your go-to.

Merino Merritt Hoodie PC: Justin Keller

The certified non-mulesed wool has been boiled down to create a light, and soft to skin feel (no itching), without sacrificing warmth.

The wrap style makes it easy to bundle when it’s super cold, or can stay relaxed when you only need a little protection from a brisk breeze. It fits a little generous, allowing room for a mid-weight layer. The length falls a little past mid-thigh, keeping your glutes, hams, and quads nice and warm after putting them to work on the trails. 

The draped hood will keep your head nice and warm, even if your hair is still damp from your run or shower. The hood is also roomy enough to fit a beanie.

The handwarmer pockets are an extra nice touch, especially if your fingers are still numb from your run. They are deep enough to fit your whole hand, and then some.

After multiple uses the hoodie does have a tendency to pill under the sleeves, but there are many easy ways to remove those little buggers. 

If you are looking to stay warm and stylish post-run…or just because, check out Toad&Co’s Merino Merritt Hoodie. You won’t be disappointed, but promptly complimented…for real. I’ve received at least 10 compliments within the 20 times I’ve worn the hoodie.

Bonus Points: Toad&Co supports sustainable business practices, is focused on continually shrinking their environmental impact, and uses certified non-mulesed wool.

Price: $199.00 


Feature Photo: Justin Keller



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