Spring 2019 Capris Review

Capris or cropped tights are a great option when you can’t quite decide between full tights and shorts. Much like the running vest, you get a bit of protection while also being able to soak up the sunshine while you’re on the trail. When it comes to picking out your next pair of capris, there are three primary things to keep in mind — the length of the capri, the potential for slouch/droop, and the pockets available.

The length of capris is actually a really important aspect of choosing a capri although it’s often overlooked. If you are tall, you’ll find that some capris are a bit too short and bunch behind your knees. If you are short, the longer capris may fit like tights. This is why we have included the inseam of each capri, along with the size we measured. For reference, the sizing is discussed based upon a 15 inch “knee bend” to “hip/crotch bend” measurement — possibly a bit of an odd description, but we’ve found the length to be very important.

Much like tights, capris need to stay in place with a comfortable fit without making you feel like you’re a stuffed sausage. Not the most appealing description but we’ve all been there and we know just how awkwardly uncomfortable that sausage feeling is! This was taken into consideration as we were out on the trails with each pair of capris.

Lastly, pockets! We all love places to stash our snacks, phones, keys, and other important bits and pieces. This is something that isn’t also explained in detail when ordering gear online so we’ve mentioned the pocket situation for each pair of capris.

With those notes in mind, let’s jump right into the capri review!

Brooks Greenlight – $70

The Brooks Greenlight Capri is a perfect capri — a solid, comfortable capri that stays in place when on the move created with the DriLayer Horsepower fabric. This updated carpi offers two thigh pockets that easily fit a standard phone [Pixel 3/iPhone X] with a tight enough fit that the phone or anything else stashed here will not bounce out or pull the capris into a droop.

What We Loved: This is a traditional capri that fits great for miles upon miles and hours upon hours.

Trail Sisters Editors Pick

Fit & Feel: Sized into a medium and it is a great fit. The waist is a bit unforgiving as you put the capris on [you have to work it over the hips!] but once they’re on they feel good and there is no slouching or drooping. The size medium had an inseam measured at 19.5 inches which hit mid-calf.

What We Would Change: Honestly, the only thing we occasionally wished to have was a secured zipper pocket.

Similar Brooks Options: Brooks Formation Crop

Saucony Bullet 2.0 – $70

Saucony has created a sleek, “second skin” capri that will have you feeling confident on the trails. This is due to the Powertight fabric which provides the snug fit and the wicking abilities of the Bullet 2.0. They fit snuggly, but in a good way that hugs your legs without making you feel like a sausage. The pouch pockets are situated on the outside of each thigh and are wide enough to stash larger phones. There is also a zipper pocket in the back of the waistband.

Fit & Feel: Sized in between the small and medium, opted for a medium and the fit was good, smaller may have worked but then the capri would have definitely stopped right in my “knee pit” making the act of running uncomfortable. The medium measured an 16.5 inch inseam, which bunched into the knee-pit.

What We Loved: This is a very sleek capri with pockets big enough to stash your phone as well as a secure waistband pocket.

What We Would Change: A bit more length would make this a perfect capri, although the current length may be great for shorter runners.

Similar Saucony Options: Scoot Crop, Bullet Croph

Skirt Sports Pocketopia – $78

The Skirt Sports Pocketopia capri comes in all of the fun colors and designs, but that’s not all it has to offer. Stitched into the colors you’ll find two thigh pouches and a zipper pocket. The Pocketopia is made of a soft, stretchy material that is all around comfortable with the length reaching to your lower calves for a snug fit. From the mid-thigh to waist the capri does get looser, which causes the capri to slouch/droop, especially if you stash much weight in the thigh pouch pockets.

Fit & Feel: Sized into the top of the small and the fit was great until my upper thighs, then it got too loose causing droop when on the move. Sizing down may help with the loose fit around the hips and waist, although it may just be my proportions vs their sizing. The small measured a 20 inch inseam, which hit mid-calf.

What We Loved: There are lots of pockets [4!] as well as colors to choose from with this capri!

What We Would Change: A snugger fit at the hips and waist would make these capris a quick go-to.

Similar Skirt Sports Options: Cool It Capri, Liberator Capri

Smartwool Merino Sport Capri – $80

Smartwool is known for having incredibly comfortable base layers and that’s exactly what you’ll find in the Smartwool Merino Sport Capri. The soft yet durable merino blend fabric provides a sleek fit. You’ll find some versatility in the thigh pockets – one is a pouch, the other is zippered. The zipper pocket is a great way to stash essentials [snacks, keys, cards] securely away from the sweat that the waistband always collects. There is also a panel of stretchy mesh along the lower leg for more breathability.

Fit & Feel: Sized between a small and medium, opted for a medium but a small would have been a better fit and probably kept the hips from feeling too loose/droopy. The medium measured a 21.5 inches making the capri fit at almost the ⅞ tight length.

What We Loved: The capris are very comfortable and flattering with a mesh panel for a bit of pizzazz.

What We Would Change: Definitely size down if you fall in the middle of sizes to avoid any slouch/droop.

Zensah Recovery Capri – $85.99

Zensah focuses on compression recovery, which is the foundation of the Zensah Recovery Capris. When you first hold these capris up you’ll think “there is no way I’ll fit in these,” but don’t be deterred! The compression material that Zensah uses is extremely malleable and forgiving. Once you have the capris [not unlike the process of pulling on tight compression socks] they will stay in place without making you feel like a stuffed sausage. The Recovery Capris are breathable with a high waist [but narrow waistband] and has no pockets.

Fit & Feel: Sized into a small/medium and although the initial get-in-the-capri process had me worried it was the right fit. The small/medium measures a 15.5 inch inseam which does bunch in the knee.

What We Loved: These capris offer up a slim fit and the benefits of compression recovery.

What We Would Change: A wider waistband would make the high waist fit more comfortably.

Similar Zensah Options: The Recovery Tight, High Wasted Capris

rabbit capreeze – $85

The rabbit capreeze capri offers up more than just bright colors. The fit is snug but comfy with no droop even miles into your adventures. The capreeze brings the capri back to the much loved basics — hidden pockets in the front of the waistband, a zipper pocket in the back of the waistband and fabric that holds up throughout your outdoor endeavors

Fit & Feel: Sized to a medium and a medium is a good fit with no slouching when you’re on the move. The medium measured a 20 inch inseam with settled in at the top of the calf after a bit of running.

What We Loved: As a traditional capri the fit offers up long term comfort and durability.

What We Would Change: Selfishly we’d love to see a bigger pocket [the zipper opening restricts the one currently in the waistband].

Similar rabbit Options: Might Tights, Utilicapreeze

Under Armour Fly Fast – $55

The Under Armour Fly Fast capri is designed with HeatGear technology which acts as a second skin which offers a tight fit without restricting movement or making you feel like you’ve been wrestled into your capris. The waistband is wide and has a drawstring, although we did not need to use the drawstring at all. There is a zippered pocket sewn into the seam on the right thigh that is just large enough to hold keys, credit card/ID, and maybe a snack. The only catch with the pocket is that you’ll quite literally need to catch what you stash because the opening is angled downward.

Fit & Feel: Sized between small and medium, opted for a medium and aside from the length a small would have been a better choice. The medium measures an 18.5 inch inseam which slides up a bit to just below the knee as the bottom cuff is a bit looser.

What We Loved: There is a breathable panel behind the knee which is great for hot days!

What We Would Change: The zipper pocket is at a slant so it requires a bit of strategy to open without dropping everything.

Similar UA Options: Amourvent Trail Capri, Printed Fly Fast Capri

Salomon Agile Mid Tight – $60

The Salomon Agile Mid Tight uses AdvancedSkin technical fabric to create a capri that is quite literally a second skin. The capri stays in snuggly in place while you’re on the move, and while the waistband is a bit narrow it doesn’t cut into your stomach. There are a lot of colorful designs to choose from and you’ll find one zippered pocket in the waistband, although it is quite small.

Fit & Feel: Sized in between a small and medium, opted for a small and it was a good fit. The small measures an 18 inch inseam which falls just below the knee.

What We Loved: The fabric and overall fit is comfortable from the moment you put them on until when you finish off your run.

What We Would Change: There is a thin [about one inch] elastic band in the waist that cuts in a bit when wearing the capris — either removing this or making it wider would make it more comfortable.

Similar Salomon Options: Elevate Aero 7/8 Tight, Agile Mid Tight

Patagonia Women’s Centered Crop – $69

The Patagonia Centered Crop is a solid capri made of a thicker-than-some polyester/spandex blend that will definitely hold up against the elements on the trails. The fit is tight without being uncomfortable and the wide waistband is not only comfortable but also flattering with one small pouch pocket sewn into the front. There are a few designs and colors to choose from, all of which will serve you well out on the trail.

What We Loved: The capris fit great and is very comfortable from start to finish of any trail run, plus you get to choose from multiple subtle designs.

Trail Sisters Honorable Mention

Fit & Feel: Sized between a small and medium, opted for a medium and it was a good fit although I think I could have easily worked with a small as well — the material and design is quite forgiving and flexible. The medium measured a 21.5 inch inseam which fit like a ⅞ length tight.

What We Would Change: Add a pocket or two and this capri would steal our heart forever and always.

Similar Patagonia Options: Women’s Centered Tights

prAna Momento – $75

The prAna Momento capri is made with a very soft and lightweight jersey material. This makes for a very comfortable capri that hugs in all the right places. The wide waistband provides the only pocket, a small pouch in the front. You’ll find this to be a very comfortable capri with a traditional design that comfortable fits to about mid-calf.

Fit & Feel: Sized into the bottom ranges of a medium, but a small would have been a better choice and probably would have taken away any issues with the droop while on the trails. The medium measured at 19 inches and fit right at mid-calf for the duration of wear.

What We Loved: The material and fit was extremely comfortable and the capris could easily be used for around town wear.

What We Would Change: A snugger fit at the hips and another pocket [namely, for a phone or snacks] would be great.

Similar prAna Options: Transform Capri

Title Nine Tracktion Run Capri (by Brooks) – $75

The Title Nine Tracktion Run Capri is created by Brooks Running and has a design very similar to the Brooks Greenlight Capri — a traditional capri that is comfortable without being restricting. There are three pouch pockets, one on the waistband and two on the outside of each thigh. It is worth noting that when you’re pulling these capris on the waistband has you doubting your sizing, but once they are on it settles in for a comfortable fit.

Fit & Feel: great — Sized to a medium and it’s a good fit, although the waistband is a bit restricting to get over your hips, but once the capris are properly situated it is a comfortable fit. The medium measured a 20 inch inseam and fit great at mid-calf.

What We Loved: The overall fit was great and the capris stayed in place for the duration of any trail run.

What We Would Change: A bit more stretch in the waistband would be make the on/off process much easier.

Similar Title Nine Options: Code Cracker Crop

When it comes to adding a pair of capris to your running attire you have options. Whether you’re looking for a capri boasting great technical materials or a capri designed around a long term fit you’ll find it here!

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