Heidi Berghammer

Heidi Berghammer is a trail runner, world traveler, mountain climber, and all around adventure enthusiast. As a trail runner she has covered thousands of miles in the Colorado Rockies and beyond training for and running races from the half marathon distance to the one hundred mile ultra. Heidi is so stoked about finding adventure on trails that she has made it her career as the owner of Adventure Feet First, a travel company that focuses on getting people outside to explore the world as they travel. Over the past years Heidi has spent months living abroad, volunteering around the world, living out of a van/car/truck, and finding new ways to explore on foot, by bike or with a backpack. She has learned the ins and outs of self propelled exploration the hard way, so she’s here to help us learn from her mistakes and to help us become more informed on how to make your own mistakes…safely.

Camp Stoves Review

Camp cooking is usually either your favorite or least favorite part of camping. Some people see it as a lot of work while others enjoy the challenge. If I’m being honest I’ll have to admit to waffling between those two feelings.

Altra Running Shoe Review

Altra has been a big contender in the trail running world for years and they have built upon their solid foundation with a variety of

Traction Review

This winter season has been a little light on snow here in Colorado, but that doesn’t mean traction hasn’t been required out on the trails. Ironically with less snow I’ve needed more traction [less snow = more ice!] so it is safe to say the traction devices mentioned below have been given a run for their money on the trails.

Winter Pants Review

The winter pants we are about to review are all about providing warmth as well as protection from the elements. There are a few things we’re paying attention to — warmth provided, protection against the elements, and overall fit/feel.

Fleece Jacket Review

When you think of fleece what comes to mind? In most cases words like warm, cozy, and fuzzy jump into your mind. You would not be wrong. But…the term “fleece” actually covers a LOT of ground in the outdoor world.

Holiday Gift Guide

We are going to share some of our favorite off-the-trail items…those things we want in our lives but often wait for a special occasion to request or acquire. Some of these items will be useful on the trails as well.

Thermal Tops

The thermal tops that we reviewed below have a few things in common. First, they all use technology and materials designed to keep you warm in cold weather. Second, each top has a quarter or half zip down the chest for added ventilation. Third, they all dance along the line between baselayer and outer layer, a choice you get to make depending upon the weather in your neck of the woods!

Cool Weather Hiking Gear

The seasons are changing and we have officially moved on to sweater weather. A sweater may not be appropriate for the trails, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to tweak your gear closet go-to’s as the weather changes.

Compression Socks

You’ll often see runners out on the trails and roads with shorts and tall socks. This isn’t a fashion statement [although this is fashion I can get behind]. It’s actually all about function. The tall socks are compression socks, designed to increase blood flow to overused feet and legs.

Trail Shoe Round-Up: Salomon

In this review we review three trail running shoes — Wildcross, Sense Ride 3, Sense 4 W /Pro. These are all solid trail running shoes with each pair being designed for a different type of runner.

Day Packs Review

The trails are calling…so let’s go wander. Before you hit the trails be sure you have a pack that can carry all of the ten essentials as well as those extra snacks you use to motivate yourself to get around the next bend in the trail. We are going to dig into day hiking packs in this review.

Summertime Round Up

Summer is here with relentless intensity and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon [shhhh, don’t tell winter!]. As the weather moves us through

Recovery Footwear Review

Let’s dig into recovery, specifically recovery footwear and recovery sandals. Are they necessary? Well, that’s up for debate…but I think it is a fair bet your feet will be stoked to slide out of your sweaty running shoe or hiking boots and into a pair of comfortable, airy sandals after you’re run or hike.

Trail Shoe Round-Up: Brooks Running

Let’s chat about Brooks Running! There is no denying I’m madly in love with the Brooks Chaser shorts and tank top, so why not rave

Recovery Tools Review

We spend a lot of time talking about training, whether it’s on the trails or in the gym. Training is a huge part of how we get better at what we do. However, if all we focus on is training we’ll never spend any time recovering and recovery is ESSENTIAL!

Trail Shoe Round-Up: Merrell

Merrell started out as a hiking boot company in the 1980’s. They focused on creating an affordable option for technical hiking boots where they created four goals for each pair of hiking boots — comfort, design, durability, and versatility. As the company grew they expanded their line of footwear to include hiking shoes, running shoes, trail running shoes, and more.

Wind Jacket Review

Windbreakers have come a long way since…well, since we actually called them windbreakers and wore them with wind pants. These days you’ll hear them being called “wind jackets” or “wind shells” but we still wear them to break the wind’s vicious attacks away from our bodies.

Trail Shoe Round-Up: Saucony

Saucony has been making trail running shoes for years and this past year they came out with some big updates on their go-to trail shoes. We are going to go into detail on the new technologies they are using as well as how the shoes fit according to my feet.

Hydration Belt Review

I have been running with hydration belts since I decided a 10km race wasn’t quite far enough for me. This was before hydration packs were a “thing” in the trail running world…but even with a variety of hydration packs there is definitely still a time and place for a solid hydration waist belt. So, let’s jump right into this review of the hydration waist belts.

Running Tech T-Shirt Review

Tech t-shirts are that happy medium between tank tops and long sleeves…the top you need for the *perfect* running weather. You know, those sunny days where it is Goldilocks good, not too warm and not too cold. While t-shirts are a sign of a great day on the trails they are not all created equal.