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for the Planet

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About the Project

We all love the outdoors; it’s where we go to play, relax, escape, find creativity, and simply just be. Our presence, no matter the size, makes a huge impact, whether it’s general wear and tear on the trails or that accidental litter of a wrapper falling out of our pack while running or hiking.

Ideally, we should all be contributing time and energy to protecting our playgrounds daily. But since we can’t, for the month of April, we are asking for your concerted effort in volunteering time for trail maintenance and trail clean-up. Trail Sisters has teamed up with Altra Running to present our 2,021 Hours for the Planet project, with a goal to contribute (and hopefully surpass) 2,021 hours of collective trail work.

We’re asking for your help this month, and hopefully, every month. Join us, and help us surpass 2,021 hours of collective volunteer trail work and cleanup. We encourage all participants to share photos and tag @trailsisters and @altrarunning so we can help share the amazing work we are collectively doing.

Together, we can create a cleaner planet.

“We have a deep love for the trail, so we are equally excited to do our part to ensure it is clean and maintained for us all to use. Trail Sisters is an amazing group of women who feel the same as we do at Altra, and to be a part of the 2,021 Hours for the Planet completely aligns with our values of protecting and preserving the trails."

Shanna Burnette, Altra Running

How to Participate

Any and everyone is able to participate in this project! You can volunteer time with a local trail organization, your local Trail Sisters group, or you can conduct your own solo adventure picking up trash along your favorite trails. 

Here are few simple steps to get you started:

Step 1.

Decide if you want to volunteer with a local organization, or choose your own solo project!

Step 2.

If partnering with an organization, choose one from our list. If the organization is not listed, please add it!

Step 3.

Volunteer, and don't forget to snap a photo! (Tag: @altrarunning + @trailsisters!)

Step 4.

Submit your hours, activity, and photo.

Participate and Win Prizes

No good deed goes unnoticed or unrewarded! As a thank you for your time and for participating, you will receive discount codes from Altra and Trail Sisters, and will be automatically entered in gear giveaways for the Altra Timp and Trail Sisters Apparel.


Congratulations to our Giveaway Winners!

Project Tracker


Recently Completed Projects

4 Hours

Madison Caldwell

Asheville NC

Built steps and drainage ditches on the MST

Trail Sisters WNC

4.5 Hours

Laurie Nakauchi

Lakewood, Co

Led trail maintenance on Jeffco Open Space Trails

Jeffco Open Space Trail Runner Volunteers

2.5 Hours

Narissa Ooraikul

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Picked up trash around the River Valley

Trail Sisters

2.5 Hours

Melissa Ireland


Beach Clean Up at Nicholas Canyon Beach

Nature Trust of the Santa Monica Mountains/Malibu Nature Preserve

2 Hours

Melissa Ireland


Trash pick up on highway 1 (PCH) in Malibu

Nature Trust of the Santa Monica Mountains/Malibu Nature Preserve

1.5 Hours

Margaret Abilla

Half Moon Bay, CA

Picked up trash while hiking in a local park.


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Completed Projects

2 Hours

Lisa DeNardo

Dickson City, PA

Went out to clean up for a couple hours with my boys picking up trash along the Lackawanna Heritage Trail, a very used walking/running/biking path.

Altra RED Team

2 Hours

Kate McKee

Dryden, NY

Picked up roadside garbage

4 Hours

Kate Mckee

Dryden, NY

Picked up trash while running and walking each day for the week

2 Hours

Tammy Konarska

Dearborn, MI

Picked up trash on the Lower Rouge Gateway Trail

2 Hours

Sara Dzirnis

Dearborn, MI USA

Picked up trash on Lower Rouge Gateway trail

Trail Sisters

1.75 Hours

Laura Ranf

Beaverton, Oregon

Picked up trash along Forest Park trails

1.5 Hours

Shalana Gray

Boulder, CO

Picked up trash around the South Boulder Creek West trail! Pulled a lot of grocery bags, poop bags, and balloons out of the creek.

2 Hours

Jordan Maki-Richards

Tumut, NSW, Australia

Cleaned up illegally dumped rubbish on local shared use trails

Tumut MTB

1.5 Hours

Andrea Love

Glen mills, PA

neighborhood trash sweep

0.5 Hours

Wade Litsety

Denver, CO/USA

Picked up a grocery bag full of trash at Sloans Lake

1 Hours

Richard Kennedy

Denver CO

Picked up trash along the Golden Bike Path

Altra Running

0.5 Hours

Wade Litsey

Denver, CO/USA

Picked up trash at Sloans Lake

2 Hours

Michael Burch

Golden, CO

Altra team pickup!


1 Hours

Abbey Charles

Indian Hills, CO

Joined a group from work to clean up a local trail!

Altra Running

4.5 Hours

Amanda Roe

Gisborne New Zealand

I picked up trash on the beach and dune trails of my town twice a week in April.

1.25 Hours

Marlene Todd


Organized our Altra Marketing team to pick up trash along the Clear Creek bike path in Golden, CO.

1.5 Hours

Mary Horowitz

Norwell, MA

Picked up trash on our town’s walking pathway

Altra Red Team

1.75 Hours

Marina Rudolph

Superior, CO

Picked up trash and dog poop along Coal Creek Dr dirt road and along Singletree/Mayhoffer trails

2 Hours

Valerie Sanders

Lehi, UT

Picked up trash on Hidden Hollow trails

10 Hours

Amy Egan


Pick up trash at Settlers Cabin park

Trail sisters pittsburgh

0.75 Hours

Suzanne Natter

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

We plugged a 3 mile trail loop at South Park and collected about 30 gallons of trash!

Trail Sisters Pittsburgh & South Park Trail Runners

9 Hours

Jen Warolin

Bellingham, WA

Lead 3 work parties removing invasive species along a local in town trail.

City of Bellingham Parks and Rec

6 Hours

Ali Ekman

Milwaukee Wi

Cleaned up one of my favorite local trails with my husband. Then out doing regular pick up in the neighbor road running!

1 Hours

Adelina Zylker

Wrightwood, Ca

Picked up trash on our walk home from school.

1 Hours

Apryl Thunberg

Mooresville, NC

Picked up trash at a local park while running! Mtn bikers often lose stuff without noticing.

4.5 Hours

Bernadette Hurst


picked up trash on Mt. Washington

Explorers Club of Pittsburgh

2.5 Hours

Derya Deane

Sterling, MA

Took my kids to clean up around the neighborhood, where we run often.

3 Hours

Laura Hall

Eagle Mountain Utah

Hosted a trail cleanup with 130 people, picked up 3000 lbs of trash. Total hours for all 130 people is 390 hours.

2.5 Hours

Alex Dusseau

Springfield, MO

Local trail pick up day with the Trail Sisters.

Trail Sisters

1.5 Hours

Travis McWhorter


Picked up trash along a local multi-use paved path in the city!

SWCA Environmental Consultants

1.75 Hours

Sarah Mankowski


Picked up trash in the lakefront

Oiselle Volée (Illinois)

0.75 Hours

Margaret Abilla

Half Moon Bay, CA

Today was plastic wrap and bubble wrap day! Yes, I did pop the bubble wrap before disposing of it.

10 Hours

Thea Gavin

Orange, CA

Picked up trash on the first (or last) 20 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail.

3 Hours

Sarah Bush

Eagle Mountain, UT

We organized a trail cleanup day for our local trail system. We called it Trail Therapy Day, giving therapy back to the trails that we find therapy on. With over 120 participants, we logged a collective 350 hours!

Lake Mountain Flyers (MTB Club)

9 Hours

Trail Sisters Pittsburgh Members

Pittsburgh, PA

Six TS Pittsburgh members picked up trash at Settlers Cabin on April 26th!

9 Hours

Trail Sisters Pittsburgh Members

Pittsburgh, PA

Six members picked up trash at Frick Park in Pittsburgh on Earth Day!

3 Hours

Janet Canfield


Picked up trash

Trail Sisters

3 Hours

Suzanne Byers

Pisgah Forest, NC

Picked up trash in Pisgah National Forest

Trail Sisters Asheville (WNC)

1.25 Hours

Casey Quinn


picked up trash on the North Branch Trail! with IL Volee!

Oiselle Volee IL

1.5 Hours

Caitlin Broton

Muskegon, MI

Picked up trash along a mile stretch of Lake Michigan