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About the Project

We all love the outdoors; it’s where we go to play, relax, escape, find creativity, and simply just be. Our presence, no matter the size, makes a huge impact, whether it’s general wear and tear on the trails or that accidental litter of a wrapper falling out of our pack while running or hiking.

Ideally, we should all be contributing time and energy to protecting our playgrounds daily. But since we can’t, for the month of April, we are asking for your concerted effort in volunteering time for trail maintenance and trail clean-up. Trail Sisters has teamed up with Altra Running to present our 2,021 Hours for the Planet project, with a goal to contribute (and hopefully surpass) 2,021 hours of collective trail work.

We’re asking for your help this month, and hopefully, every month. Join us, and help us surpass 2,021 hours of collective volunteer trail work and cleanup. We encourage all participants to share photos and tag @trailsisters and @altrarunning so we can help share the amazing work we are collectively doing.

Together, we can create a cleaner planet.

“We have a deep love for the trail, so we are equally excited to do our part to ensure it is clean and maintained for us all to use. Trail Sisters is an amazing group of women who feel the same as we do at Altra, and to be a part of the 2,021 Hours for the Planet completely aligns with our values of protecting and preserving the trails."

How to Participate

Any and everyone is able to participate in this project! You can volunteer time with a local trail organization, your local Trail Sisters group, or you can conduct your own solo adventure picking up trash along your favorite trails. 

Here are few simple steps to get you started:

Step 1.

Decide if you want to volunteer with a local organization, or choose your own solo project!

Step 2.

If partnering with an organization, choose one from our list. If the organization is not listed, please add it!

Step 3.

Volunteer, and don't forget to snap a photo! (Tag: @altrarunning + @trailsisters!)

Step 4.

Submit your hours, activity, and photo.

Participate and Win Prizes

No good deed goes unnoticed or unrewarded! As a thank you for your time and for participating, you will receive discount codes from Altra and Trail Sisters, and will be automatically entered in gear giveaways for the Altra Timp and Trail Sisters Apparel.


Congratulations to our Giveaway Winners!

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