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About the Project

We all love the outdoors; it’s where we go to play, relax, escape, find creativity, and simply just be. Our presence, no matter the size, makes a huge impact, whether it’s general wear and tear on the trails or that accidental litter of a wrapper falling out of our pack while running or hiking.

Ideally, we should all be contributing time and energy to protecting our playgrounds daily. But since we can’t, for the month of April, we are asking for your concerted effort in volunteering time for trail maintenance and trail clean-up. Trail Sisters has teamed up with Altra Running to present our 2,021 Hours for the Planet project, with a goal to contribute (and hopefully surpass) 2,021 hours of collective trail work.

We’re asking for your help this month, and hopefully, every month. Join us, and help us surpass 2,021 hours of collective volunteer trail work and cleanup. We encourage all participants to share photos and tag @trailsisters and @altrarunning so we can help share the amazing work we are collectively doing.

Together, we can create a cleaner planet.

“We have a deep love for the trail, so we are equally excited to do our part to ensure it is clean and maintained for us all to use. Trail Sisters is an amazing group of women who feel the same as we do at Altra, and to be a part of the 2,021 Hours for the Planet completely aligns with our values of protecting and preserving the trails."

Shanna Burnette, Altra Running

How to Participate

Any and everyone is able to participate in this project! You can volunteer time with a local trail organization, your local Trail Sisters group, or you can conduct your own solo adventure picking up trash along your favorite trails. 

Here are few simple steps to get you started:

Step 1.

Decide if you want to volunteer with a local organization, or choose your own solo project!

Step 2.

If partnering with an organization, choose one from our list. If the organization is not listed, please add it!

Step 3.

Volunteer, and don't forget to snap a photo! (Tag: @altrarunning + @trailsisters!)

Step 4.

Submit your hours, activity, and photo.

Participate and Win Prizes

No good deed goes unnoticed or unrewarded! As a thank you for your time and for participating, you will receive discount codes from Altra and Trail Sisters, and will be automatically entered in gear giveaways for the Altra Timp and Trail Sisters Apparel.


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Recently Completed Projects

2.5 Hours

Kate McKee

Dryden, NY

Picked up trash in the lakeside park and on the road and also while running!

Friends of Stewart Park

4 Hours

Charlotte Matheny

Greensboro North Carolina

Worked on building new section of NC Mountains to Sea Trail

Mountains to Sea volunteers

3 Hours

Julie Burges

Auburn, Ca

Plogged!!! Picked one of the most popular trails in Auburn, CA and ran and picked up trash!

Trail Sisters Auburn

4.25 Hours

Suzy Delong


Picked up 46.6lbs of trash during a group hike with at Lanterman's Mill in NE Ohio.

Central Ohio Hikerbabes @centralohiohikerbabes

2.75 Hours

Shelley Saunders

Clinton, Ontario, Canada

Picked up trash up to the Maitland River. I live close to the Maitland trail so I’m working my way to it. 😁

Myself as part of the Goderich Trail Sisters

4 Hours

Vickie Hayashigatani

Folsom, CA

Cleared tree branches and raked the forebay area by Folsom Powerhouse for Earth Day with the Cal State Parks Foundation

Cal State Parks Foundation


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Completed Projects

2 Hours

Karen Montgomery

Clifton, Virginia

Picked up trash on trails in Shenandoah National Park

National Park

2 Hours

Kristin Zosel

Highlands Ranch

2 hours trail maintenance HR backcountry trails repairing ruts and improving water drainage

Organized by HRCA BC rangers

2.5 Hours

Savanna Campbell

Morrison, Colorado

Built rock stairs

Trail Runner Volunteers

4 Hours

Kristi Confortin


Picked up trash each morning around my neighborhood while walking our new rescue pup. The piece of trash that makes me most upset is balloons. Please stop buying balloons.

5 Hours

Laura Townsend

Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Kids & I picked up garbage during our hour walk after supper

Trail Sisters

2 Hours

Kelly Rahn

Hendersonville North Carolina

I went on a 6 1/2 mile hike with my dogs and picked up a little wrapper. But I’m always on the lookout for more trash to pick up

Trail Sisters Asheville

5 Hours

Kelly Rahn


I hiked 18 mountains in the Smokies and I’m always on the lookout for random pieces of trash.

Trail sisters asheville

0.5 Hours

Lindsay Moorman

Nashville, TN

picked up trash while on a trail run

1 Hours

Lindsey Bowen

Charlotte, NC

Picked up trash on 6 mile trail run

4 Hours

Suzy Delong


Picked up 64.4lbs of trash during a group hike.

Central Ohio Hikerbabes @centralohiohikerbabes

1.5 Hours

Gareth Hadfield


Collected garbage along the Bowmont Ridge and Sideshow Bob Trails

1 Hours

Tony Evans


picked up trash on my run in Lesterk Park

1 Hours


Tempe, AZ

Picked up trash during Running Camp!

The Running University

1 Hours

Vickie Hayashigatani

Roseville, CA

Picked up trash on a 3.1 mile walk in the neighborhood

2.25 Hours

Lisa Bibbens

Tucson, Arizona

Picked up trash along trail portions of Rillito River and at Linda Vista trail.

1.5 Hours

Sarah Macaraeg

Chicago, IL

Picked up some trash around my neighborhood during a walk

IL oiselle volee

2 Hours

Kelly Gorder

Otsego, MN

Trail hike and trash pick up!


1 Hours

Amanda Floyd

Montrose, CO

Picked up trash on a trail near my house with my 3 year old twins.

1 Hours

Stacey Anderson

Trophy Club

Picked up trash on family walk

1.25 Hours

Margaret Abilla

Half Moon Bay, CA

Went to the beach to look for butts (and other trash)

5 Hours

Jennika O’Brien

Longmont, Colorado

Picked up trash, debris at Pella crossing

2 Hours

Allison Mercer


Picked up trash at Kennesaw Mountain

Trail Sisters Atlanta

2.5 Hours

Michelle Blevins

Penn Hills, PA

Joined a community cleanup of a former country club we’re trying to convert to a public greenspace!

2 Hours

Thom Obarski

Everett, MA

Picked up trash along Bridal Veil Falls trail

2 Hours

Michele Reid


Picked up trash at Kennesaw Mountain

Trail Sisters Atlanta

2.5 Hours

Riley Gage

Saint Paul, MN

Picked up trash on the Winchell Trail

2 Hours

Lindsey Dubey

Grand Rapids, MI, 49505

Hiked Aman Park and picked up trash!

2.25 Hours

Gregory Horlacher

United States

Picked up trash at Cedar Hill State Park DORBA trail

1.25 Hours

Kristy Goss

Cambridge, Ontario

Picked up trash around a pond

6 Hours

Trail Sisters Pittsburgh Abrams

Pittsburgh, PA

Four members picked up trash on the trails together.

2 Hours

Laura Jones

Brunswick, ME

Hiked 2 miles of a local trails with my 2 kiddos and filled one kitchen size trash bag.

5 Hours

Heather Anderson


Picked up trash on my long run

1 Hours

Dana Sturtz

Bellingham, WA

Picked up trash and left-behind dog doo at Squalicum beach trail

2 Hours

Kelly Gazarik

Boulder, CO

Picked up trash on the Cottonwood trail!

Can'd Aid

2 Hours

Savanna Campbell

Morrison, Colorado

Trail maintenance on Dakota Ridge

Trail Sisters, Trail Runner Volunteers (TRV)

0.25 Hours

Jaimmie Ford

Bloomington, Indiana

Picked up trash at a popular urban trailhead.

2 Hours

Steph & Abby Eldore

Priest Lake, ID

Picked up trash along Lakeshore Road

Priest Lake Multisports

1 Hours

Caitlin Brown

Grand Blanc MI

Picked up trash on my road with my husband.

Trail Sisters

2 Hours

Anna Dyste

Denver, CO

Cleaned up water run-offs on the Dakota Ridge Trail (Jefferson County)

Trail Runner Volunteers

1.5 Hours

Andréa Kerr

Fort Collins, CO

Picked up trash on Arthur’s rock trail