Amy Broadmoore

Amy is an endurance sports photographer, based in Duluth, Minnesota. She has been running her entire life and trail running since 2012. Amy recently launched Onward, a photography project aimed at sharing the stories of female endurance athletes. To learn more about and follow Onward:

7 Important and Helpful Lessons for the Injured Runner

The specifics of my injury do not really matter. One day, I was healthy. The next day, on a four mile trail run, I sprained my ankle on a very innocent-looking root. That’s when my injury journey started.

Moms Run Voyageur

As is common with 50 milers across the country, women make up only a fraction of the participants in the Voyageur 50 — less than one in four, to be specific. The more shocking fact to me is that this statistic has remained essentially unchanged since Scott Jurek set the course record twenty years ago!