Lisa Pozzoni

Lisa Pozzoni went from thinking trail running was crazy to becoming a running coach with a 100K as her longest distance. She went from owning a personal training business to her current company, The Running University. Everything changed in her running when she learned about ChiRunning . She’s been teaching it since 2010 and is also a Master Instructor (teaches people to become instructors.). Running has changed her life in so many ways and now she wants to share her passion with others so she can help change their lives as well. She’s on a mission to turn more women on to trail running and loves building her community of beginner to recreational runners. More info: Check out Lisa’s free ebooks: 15 Simple Steps for The Beginner Beginner™ Runner, Easy & Practical How To’s for the ‘Newbie’, ‘Could be’, ‘Sort of’ or ‘Reluctant’ Runner

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