Kelly Teeselink

Kelly Teeselink lives in Iowa City, Iowa, where unfortunately, there are no mountains but there are more trails (and hills) than you would think. She began running in 2011 as way to lose weight using the Couch to 5k program. After increasing mileage and discovering trail and ultrarunning, she also discovered that running helped shift the way she viewed her body from focusing on what it looked like to what her body could do and accomplish. She is lucky enough to help share that message with young girls as executive director of Girls on the Run of Eastern Iowa. She lives with her boyfriend/crew chief for life and three cats just outside of Iowa City across from a cornfield.

The Freedom to Go Shirt Free

“I wish I could run in just a sports bra.” I’ve heard this statement or some variation countless times from women, and if you’ve ever thought this, I have some great news for you – YOU CAN!

How to Create a Running Group

Last year, my number one Trail Sister moved from Iowa City, Iowa to Fort Smith, Arkansas. Julie and I met while training for road marathons

Where to Run in Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City, Iowa I live in Iowa. I know you think Iowa is flat and that we grow potatoes, but neither is true! Well, ok,