Krissy Moehl

Krissy Moehl is an ultramarathon runner, coach, author, public speaker and race director. In her 15-year career, she has run more than 100 races. She has 55 female wins and 2 outright wins. Moehl blogs about her running at and hails from the Pacific Northwest. Her book, Running Your First Ultra launched in December 2015.
PC Jeff Fisher

It’s Cold. Head Colds.

It finally feels and looks like winter in Bellingham! February 2nd and we finally got to see our first frosting of snow in town. It’s

Spidey Sense x 2

Finding ourselves in tune with the world around us and ourselves is a gift that running shares with anyone that participates… if we listen. Another

Season One of Four

Everything is green, multiple shades of green, so many greens they each should have their own name. The colors from the tulips, daffodils, and cherry

Finding Daily Magic

I’ve been thinking about the possibility of magic the last couple of days as I’ve recovered from a triple whammy of jetlag, a yucky bacteria


So Strong When Being Most Vulnerable.

So Strong When Being Most Vulnerable. One would think that with all the mental and physical strength required to run 100 miles, in the days


Taper Time

A Summer full of training, adventures and travel leads up to this point. Race Day. The Cascade Crest 100 is August 27 and in the weeks leading up I have to wonder if I am ready. Did my weeks of consistency add up to enough training miles?


Trail Running: Then vs. Now

At this point, trail running was ultra running. In our Seattle bubble, if you ran trails you ran ultras. The shorter distance races were not yet an option.  GPS watches, coaches, reference books and training plans were few and far between.