Marcia Dority Baker

Marcia has been a runner most of her life and values it more now than ever. She trains on her own for the most part. She really enjoys early morning runs while the world is asleep. Competing in races is fun, as Marcia likes to see her training plan complete when she crosses the finish line. She is an advocate for service to the running community and volunteer to help at a local race each year. Over the years she has informally mentored other women starting out with running so it is really exciting to launch her business, Dority Baker Coaching, LLC. She is a UESCA (United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy) certified ultra running coach. Marcia is proud of her trail running finishes: 100m (1) 100k (1), 50M (3), 50k (5) and a variety of other distances. She ran her first 100M race in October 2021.

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