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Six $150 grants awarded four times a year!

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Let us help you get out the door for your adventure!

Adventuring is Hard Enough

In an effort to grow women’s opportunity and participation on the trails, Trail Sisters in partnership with The North Face has created the Childcare Grant.

We know from having listened to so many of you, how hard it can be to find the time to get outside while managing all that moms do.

While we can never underestimate the importance of being there for your family, we know that sometimes being the best for your family means also taking care of YOU!

While it’s only a small gesture we hope that if awarded a grant, you can put this money towards childcare* and enjoy some ME TIME out on the trails.

* Learn about what counts as childcare


Currently we can offer six $150 grants per quarter. Apply to be considered today!


The North Face will match up to $500 of community donations per quarter.


Share the opportunity with others. Should your donations surpass our targets we will increase the number of grants awarded each quarter!

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How You Can Help

Six grants of $150 will be awarded quarterly, including a special gift from both Trail Sisters and The North Face.  Additional grants may be added based on community donations. Your support will be doubled by The North Face who is matching up to $500 per quarter. Help us create more opportunity with additional grants by donating today.

"We are dedicated to enabling exploration and creating a more equitable outdoor space, and are excited to be partnering with Trail Sisters and be a small part of creating more opportunities for this trail community."
Esther Kendall
The North Face
"Free time is precious and can be hard to come by when one has a full schedule, especially for moms. I'm so excited for TS to be teaming up with TNF in providing moms a boost in getting more me time."
Gina Lucrezi
Trail Sisters Founder

Moms Apply Now

Please let us help you!

Due to legal issues the Childcare Grant is available to USA residents only.
Thank you for your understanding. We wish this wasn’t the case.

Race & Ethnicity (optional)

The North Face

Grant Awardees

The Childcare Grant has received a total of 374 submissions so far this year, and $1,845 in additional donations! With the increased financial aid, Trail Sisters and The North Face were able to award 41 women a $150 grant! A big thank you to all those who donated!

A panel of Trail Sisters and members from The North Face selected the 41 awardees. It is always an incredibly challenging process. Every mother who submitted an application is deserving of help and some extra support. Panelists were moved by what these 39 mothers shared about themselves, their situation, and how they intend to utilize the grant.

Though we wish we could award everyone a grant, Trail Sisters and The North Face are happy to help the folks that we can and are looking forward to providing more aid to moms in the future.

All previous submissions will roll forward and will be included with additional submissions for Q4. If you’d like to submit an application for a grant or you’d like to donate, scroll up!

Quarter 4 Awardees


from Virginia


from Arizona


from California


from Pennsylvania


from North Carolina


from Colorado


from Ohio


from Michigan


from New Hampshire

Quarter 3 Awardees


from New Mexico


from Arizona


from Louisiana


from Connecticut


from New Jersey


from Georgia


from Montana


from California


from Michigan


from Georgia

Previous Awardees


from Michigan


from Colorado


from Ohio


from Colorado


from North Carolina


from North Carolina


from California


from Georgia


from North Carolina


from New Jersey


from Utah


from New Mexico


from Washington


from Utah


from Alabama


from California


from North Carolina


from Virginia


from California


from Ohio


from Utah


from Minnesota


Childcare can be anything including the following and more; traditional daycare services, buying your parents a gift card or meal for watching your kid(s), hiring your next door neighbor as a babysitter, or even putting the dollars toward your family traveling with you to a bucket list race.  

Also, we support the use of funds to purchase a baby-carrier or similar device so your child can accompany your adventures. 

We do ask that you clearly state how you intend to use funds in your application. 

Grant applications will be reviewed quarterly by representatives from Trail Sisters and The North Face. We intend to award a diverse group of moms with applications that resonate and make clear that they will use the funds towards childcare. We welcome moms who run or hike, and from all experience levels, paces, and backgrounds.  You do not need to be training for a race, FKT, or organized event to apply. 

There are multiple application “windows”. We will review and award grants based on the schedule below. Please understand that we will not be able to reply individually. Grant awardees will be contacted on or immediately after the selection deadline so we can gather some basic info for the announcements. 

1st Group of Grant Awardees

  • Wednesday, March, 31st = submission deadline
  • Friday, April 9th = Selection Deadline for TS & TNF
  • Wednesday, April 14th = Announce Grant Awardees

Grants applied for after March 31st will be included in the 2nd Group.

2nd Group of Grant Awardees

  • Monday, May 31st = 2nd Grant Application window closes
  • Friday, June 11th = Selection Deadline for TS & TNF
  • Wednesday, June 16th = Announce Grant Awardees

Grants applied for after May 31st will be included in the 3rd Group. 

3rd Group of Grant Awardees

  • Monday, August 1st = 3rd Grant Application window closes
  • Friday, August 13th = Selection Deadline for TS & TNF
  • Wednesday, August 18th = Announce Grant Awardees

Grant applications received after August 1st will be included in the 4th Group. 

4th Group of Grant Awardees

  • Thursday, Sept 30th = 4th Grant Application window closes
  • Friday, October 8th = Selection Deadline for TS & TNF
  • Wednesday, October 13th = Announce Grant Awardees


  • Schedule subject to change.
  • Total number of grant awardees may increase based on community donations. 
  • Grant schedule for 2022 TBD.

Each quarter applications will be rolled forward. It is only necessary to re-apply if your application included a time sensitive activity/date that has since passed. For example if your application discussed running a bucket list race on a select date, which has past, it would be appropriate to re-apply if you still wanted a potential grant. If your application did not include a time-sensitive component, then you do not need to re-submit. We will only keep one application per person on file. Thus, submitting a new application will result in us removing any previous applications.

Donations provided by our community through the form on this page will go directly back into the Childcare Grant. The only fee is the transaction fee from the payment processor.

By making a donation you are contributing directly to the grant. If you would like to support Trail Sisters we suggest visiting our store!

Unfortunately, it is not. Trail Sisters LLC is not a non-profit entity, so while we can ensure that your proceeds are used only for the grant, the donation is not tax-deductable.  Hopefully this does not hold you back from contributing, as your donation makes a bigger impact than you may realize.

Thanks for asking!

Trail Sisters & The North Face will ask that awardees be comfortable with sharing their experience. Generally, at a minimum we would like a few photos and a paragraph or two about who you are and what you did. Something we can share to inspire other moms to get outside and take some times for themselves. 

We may reach out for additional opportunities to share your story. 

If you would like to write a full blown article we welcome that too, but it’s not required or expected. 

Trail Sisters & The North Face

Thanks our community members for their contributions and support of the Childcare Grant.

Anonymous donation of $50

Whitney from Idaho, donation of $10

Sarah from West Virginia, donation of $50

Amy from Colorado, donation of $50

Anonymous donation of $100

Shawn from Colorado, donation of $100

Jaclyn from Massachusetts, donation of $100

Jim from Utah, donation of $100

Anonymous donation of $50

Darlene from Michigan, donation of $20

Anonymous donation of $20

Vicki from California, donation of $50

Christine from Oregon, donation of $50

Marcia from Colorado, donation of $50

Jean Paul from Colorado, donation of $100

Bonnie & Devi from Nevada, donation of $100

Susie from Colorado, donation of $100

Wendy from Washington, donation of $100

Ashley from Utah, donation of $5

AJ from Colorado, donation of $50

Laura from Massachusetts, donation of $20

Douglas from Massachusetts, donation of $100

Kim from Washington, donation of $100

Haley from North Carolina, donation of $20

Angie from North Carolina, donation of $50

Rebecca from Oregon, donation of $20

Anonymous donation of $20

In memoriam of Jeannene Gonzales from Florida, donation of $50

In memoriam of Mary Ann Dumont from Maine, donation of $50

Catie from North Carolina, donation of $50

Kim from Washington, donation of $100

Darlene from Michigan, donation of $10

Mandy from Washington, donation of $100

Contributions will be updated manually each week.