IronHike Endurance Series – Spring – Mohawk Mountain, Connecticut, USA

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June 1, 2024

The IronHike Endurance Series at Mohawk Mountain is a single or multi-day event that is part hike, part trail run, part group camping trip, part one-of-the-hardest-damn-things-you’ve-ever-done, and full-on badass mountain footslog.

Five Simultaneous Events
12-hour 15-miler, 24-hour 30-miler, 48-hour 43-miler, 72-hour 62-miler Everesting Trek and the holy grail of Beyond-Everesting-Challenges, our 84-hour, 72,000 feet of elevation gain and loss Challenge, named Olympus Mons after the highest mountain in the solar system on Mars!

NOTE:  Trekking our events can be done either by running, hiking, or power-hiking.

Three Ways to IronHike!
1. Go it alone, together.
As an Individual Mountain Athlete, you choose from 12, 24, 48, 72, and/or 84-hour Events.

2. Buddy up.
You and a buddy choose to share the mileage and elevation from 12, 24, 48, 72, and/or 84-hour Events.

3. Team up.
You and 3 other team members choose to share the mileage and elevation from 12, 24, 48, 72, and/or 84-hour Events.
Events may require night trekking by headlamp. Manage your laps and pace in our FlexRelay format. You also manage your rest, food, hydration, and sleep in your tent right off of the trail. 

Here’s What You Get (included in your registration):
– Exclusive single-day or multi-day Event entry for you, your team, and your spectators.
– One bad-ass, course for day and night trekking.
– Tenting for each night you are on the Mountain (you bring your tent).
– Base area pop-up space (set up your staging pop-up).
– One meal is provided per event day per Mountain Athlete on the Mountain.
– Summit Support Station with shade, hydration, snacks, and an area for any summit items you want to access on each lap.
– Event-specific, training guide and tips.
– Customized and Personalized Event Bib.
– Lap-tracking coins.
– Finisher’s medal and year clasp for all finishers.
– Finisher’s hat for individual event Mountain Athletes who finish.
– Exclusive community access via periodic live Mountain Athlete round-table meetings.
– Ski-patrol medical support.
– Free parking, a Spectator area, and Restrooms.
– A new tribe, Bragging rights, Proof.

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