Momentus Backyard Ultra

Race Details

June 1, 2024
North Carolina

We are excited to announce the inaugural Momentus Backyard Ultra, Charlotte area’s ONLY Backyard Ultra!


While Backyard Ultras are usually considered “Ultra” or “endurance” events, this event is for EVERYONE who wants to challenge themselves.  Whether you run 4 miles or 100 miles, you will find an epic experience at the Momentus Backyard Ultra.


Race Details:

Race begins at 8:00 AM.


ALL competitors must be on site by 7:15 AM.


Competitors may arrive early to set up their camp spots or personal aid stations.


Who Can Run? 

The Momentus Backyard Ultra is open to ALL abilities of runners.  We challenge you to run just a little further than your personal record.  The only requirement is the competitors must complete each loop (4.167 miles) within one hour in order to continue the race.  Race course will be posted soon, but the race is held on private property so runners will NOT be able to preview the course before the event.


Backyard Ultra Rules:

So what is a Backyard Ultra?  Read the official Backyard Ultra rules below:


The course is 4.167 miles longRunners must complete the course, or loop, within the hourRunners must be in the start box at the top of the hour.  Any runner not in the start box by the time the next loop starts will receive a DNFEach loop starts at the top of the hour.  3, 2 and 1 minute warnings will be givenRunners have 1 hour to complete each loop.  If a runner finishes before the hour is up, they can use that additional time however they like but must report back to the start box before the next loop starts. All loops must be completed within one hour to be counted, including this last loopCompetitors may not leave the course during a loopNo assistance can be provided on the course; runner cannot take aid or hand off gear to any person during the loop.  Runners may only receive aid after they complete a loop and before re-entering the start box for the next loopNo non-competitors, including eliminated runners, are permitted on the course at any timeCheering and spectating is allowed from the Race Headquarters / Race Village ONLY Slower runners must allow others to passNo artificial aids (including trekking poles)If no runner can complete one more loop within one hour, there is no winner


Other Rules:

All registered runners will receive one parking pass, one camping pass, and two additional spectator passes.  All runners can bring two support team members to aid them during their run.  Additional spectators will be required to purchase a parking pass to be allowed on site.


This is a cupless race – Runners are required to bring their own refillable water cup/bottle/or vest.  We will have water refilling stations for REGISTERED RUNNERS ONLY.  Spectators and support team are expected to be fully self sufficient.  Runners are required to bring any food, fuel or other beverages they need for the entirety of the event.


All runners must use a headlamp or carry personal lighting after dark. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

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