Kuwanna Dyer-Pietras

Kuwanna is a life-long runner and a field geologist with a love of running adventures and field work. She has completed several marathons and is now exploring ultra distances. She is originally from Nevada and would love to see more BIPOC women running the trails. When she is not running, you will find her teaching geology courses, researching ancient river and lake deposits, all while trying to keep up with two daughters and a patient husband. She is a connoisseur of gluten-free beer and granola.

When a Goal is Not the Goal

I love exploring the path before me with my feet. With each step, my feet may, at times, bring me closer to a goal, when having a goal is the goal. Yet there are those times when I simply wander, allowing my feet to carry me to new places, or spaces in which I may not have traveled for some time.

Geology on the Run – U.S. East Coast

In this second installment of Geology on the Run, we explore just a few trails of the many great ones frequented by trail runners along the East Coast. Many of the landscapes traversed by these trails formed during a period in Earth’s history when there were not yet land plants or animals.

Geology on the Run – U.S. Southwest

Along many of the trails to which we escape, there are rocks of every color, texture, and shape. As you run past some of these rock formations, you are running through geologic history and changing environments on Earth. Learning about paleo-environments helps us understand the past, recognize the present, and predict the future.

Trail Imposter Syndrome

Each time you run the trails, you question your worth there. What value can your presence bring to the trails? You understand the value that trails bring to you. Yet you feel that you are an outsider. You feel you do not belong there.