Abbie Yellen

Grit & Grind

Colorado Springs, 

About Me


and I am the founder of Grit & Grind Endurance Coaching. I’m a mental health counselor, life-long runner, mountain biker, and outdoor enthusiast. I have also been a fitness coach for over four years and have always had a big-time love for endurance races. I have participated in more than twenty endurance races in the past eleven years and my love for the ultra and endurance culture continues to grow.

Grit & Grind was born out of my personal need as an athlete for a more comprehensive coaching experience. I personally never felt known by my coaches and my training experience was severely impacted because of this. I’m here to change that! Because of my background in mental-health, I do not believe that you can train an individual without knowing them – knowing about their lives, their kids, their work, their motivations. It all matters and it’s what makes you, you!

My Coaching Style / Methodology

I specialize in relational coaching, which is basically the intersection of gaining fitness/bolstering performance and partnering with you to make sure that your training and goals are adding to your life. Unlike other coaches, I only offer one plan and with that, you have complete access to communication with me. None of this, one email/one text per week stuff. I want to know what is going on with you and make sure that you are getting the most of your training and coaching with me. With Grit & Grind you get custom training plans designed specifically for you/your lifestyle, nutrition assessments and adaptations, open and frequent coaching communication, and a network of other resources.

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