Ashley Rancourt

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About Me

Hey, I’m Ashley! I’m a trail and ultra runner based in Connecticut. I came to running later in life and fell in love with trail and distance running. I’ve run everything from small local trail races, to road marathons, to ultramarathons. I’m lucky to have recently won UROC 100k! Working with a coach completely changed how I view myself as a runner and my perception of what is possible for me. I became a coach because I want to share that experience with others. I do all of my coaching virtually. I have coaching certifications through RRCA and UESCA including an ultra running specialization. I love working with new runners and runners who are taking on longer distances. My clients are running everything from 10k’s to 100 milers and vary from brand new runners to experienced runners. If you’re interested in exploring what you’re capable of, coaching is meant for you. I’d love to share that journey with you!

The reward of running lies within us. We focus on something external to motivate us, but we need to remember that it's the process of reaching for that prize- not the prize itself- that can bring us peace and joy.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

Every athlete can expect a completely personalized training plan based on their unique goals and lifestyle. All training plans will include core tenants like easy runs to help build an aerobic base as well as quality sessions like speed work and long runs to help build fitness. Our goal will always be to balance challenge with recovery and create healthy training habits that will allow you to be a lifelong runner. My coaching style is based in positivity. I believe that one of the most important parts of the coaching relationship is truly listening to each athlete and affirming them. I want to be your partner as you explore all that you’re capable of!

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