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About Me

I started coaching in 2017 after being unable to run for nearly four years. I keep coaching because I love how pursuing an athletic goal can elevate all areas of your life – your relationships, your career, and your mental well being.

Running is supposed to make us feel good, yet so often training becomes a source of stress, or gives us more reasons to feel bad about ourselves. As if we need that!

I’ve gone through periods of underperforming for fear of “trying too hard,” of faltering under the precarious nature of success, of crying through years of injury, and of seeking perfection in everything I do. I’m still working on that last one …perfection, why can’t I just have you?!

Everything I do as a coach comes from something I’ve had to learn in my life, or from something I’m currently practicing. We’re in this together y’all.

And if you’re still wondering, but who are you really? Then let me tell you I’m obsessed with Taylor Swift, I love talking about the books I’m reading, I have no problem with walking on my runs, and my retirement dream is to be an old lady comedian.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

Running is a mental sport, so I am first and foremost a mindset coach. Intuition, courage, patience, confidence, humility, curiosity … These mental skills are much harder to develop than strong glutes.

I offer a variety of coaching services including:
>Mental Training Plans for sale on FinalSurge
>The Runner’s Mastermind: A group coaching program where we focus on developing mental skills for running and life
>One-on-One Weekly or Monthly coaching that includes a full training plan, regular phone calls, and a fusion of life coaching and running coaching
>In person coaching for Team Athena: The only women’s track club in Portland, OR

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