Christy Aish


About Me

I have been distance running since 2003 and have found joy on both the roads and the trails over all distances. I have run 50 marathons and a large handful of ultras and have dabbled in competing since 2017 after breaking the barrier to the 3 hour marathon. I was lucky enough to come in third in the Leadville Trail 100 in 2017 and am going back for a go at the course this year. I am a coach because I love to help others find the best in themselves; physically and mentally. My angle with coaching is the mental mindset piece and I partner with my husband who offers the physical side to coaching.

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears

My Coaching Style / Methodology

I am a Licensed Counselor and work with clients from a holistic view; looking to understand and work with the connection between the mind and the body. I help clients to identify their strengths and build resources internally and externally to help them achieve their goals; athletic and life goals. I am positive and realistic and understand the needs of women who are balancing it all; family, work, personal and relationships. I take into account all people have going on in their lives and understand that its a challenge to prioritize ourselves; but I work hard to help my clients do so in order to be the best version of theirselves.

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