Erin Hunt

Summit Running

North Carolina

About Me

I was never a good runner as a kid. I picked up the sport in college while looking for an inexpensive way to get outside and relieve some stress. Soon, I was making friends in the Michigan State running club team and setting goals for faster, longer distances. I began running marathons and ultras, and started working at my local running store. Soon I realized that you don’t have to be a professional athlete to make your sport a career. My responsibilities grew in the store and I eventually entered the vender side of things, working for both accessory and shoe brands. Running has allowed me to travel the country, meet runners and walkers of all levels, and build confidence. Passing on what I’ve learned over the years is my next evolution of giving back to the running community.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

I travel a ton, so I prefer to work with people who are busy but dedicated to their goals. I love navigating tricky schedules to ensure that you get both your workouts and rest time in while still maintaining a normal life! If you live in my area I’m happy to meet regularly, but many of my clients are remote. I appreciate open communication and will adjust your training depending on your body response, schedule changes, etc. I follow the methodology of USATF endurance training along with NAASFP marathon training.

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