Erica Rackley

Erica Rackley

Erica lives, works and plays in Summit County, CO. Her best days are those spent outside exploring a new place powered by her own two feet. She got her running start in the summer before eighth grade, when she ran a loop around the neighborhood to decide whether or not to go out for the cross country team. These days, she mostly puts in her miles on the beautiful trails outside her door in her mountain home. When not running, find her with a thought-provoking read or making something delicious in the kitchen…or, preferably, on the camp stove.

Two-Person Tent Review

Unless you’re backpacking in an inclement weather-free environment, you’ll eventually need some type of shelter while on the trail. There are many types of backpacking shelters, and this month we’re specifically evaluating three double-walled tents with similar dimensions.

Sleep Systems Review

Getting quality sleep is a critical component of successful backpacking adventures, and the right sleep system goes a long way to making quality sleep possible. This month, we reviewed sleeping bags and sleeping pads to help you assemble the ideal sleep system for you.

Backpacking Packs Review

This month, we’re excited to offer our first review dedicated to backpacking packs. In this review, we take an in-depth look at four new women’s packs that range in capacity from 52 to 65 liters. We also provide brief bonus coverage on three additional packs that are worth a look. Each pack in this review comes with a rain cover.

GPS Smart Watch Review

The GPS watch has long been an identifier of fellow runners. Stuck at a party and looking for someone with whom to strike up a conversation? Just look for the other person with a saucer-sized GPS watch strapped to their wrist. There was a good chance, at least five to ten years ago, that the two of you had something in common…

Girls Running Review

Girls Running, Melody Fairchild and Elizabeth Carey’s new book on all things running for young female runners, is the manual I wish I’d had in high school. Fairchild and Carey provide a comprehensive guide for the young female runner that offers a healthy context for running from its earliest lines: “Running invites us to practice for our longest race—life!”

Trail Shoe Round-Up: Hoka One One

Want maximal cushioning? Think Hoka One One. This brand staked out the maximal cushioning corner of the running shoe market from day one, which for Hoka was in 2009 in France. A decade of innovation has yielded a massive lineup of shoes and much improved (though still, shall we say, attention-grabbing) aesthetics.

One Month

On this day in March, my companions and I awoke to the day’s first muted light along Bright Angel Creek at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It was the eleventh and final day of a backpacking trip that began, we would come to understand, a lifetime earlier, when the first report of community transmission came from California.

Fastest Known Times and Fun Times

Imagine running a race along a stunning stretch of singletrack. Imagine this race without course markings or aid stations. There’s no banner across the start

Type 100k Fun

From the world of outdoor education, I learned the concept of the “types-of-fun” scale. Type 1 Fun occurs during an activity that is inherently fun