Trail Sisters

Ask the Trail Sisters Panel of Experts is made up of inspirational and knowledgeable women who share a love for trail running, hiking, and the outdoors. These women volunteer their time and expertise to help others enjoy a better experience on the trails.
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Happy Birthday to TS, We’re Three!

Today marks the three year anniversary (or birthday) for Trail Sisters! In 2016 TS founder Gina Lucrezi launched the Squarespace site from her kitchen table in Boulder, Colorado.

Insulated Winter Jacket Review

As winter rapidly approaches, and has already arrived in some areas, we wanted to provide you with a review of our favorite cold weather insulated

Cat Calls

How do you handle cat calls or unwanted comments?

Stomach Cramps

When should you give in and turn around and when should you push through?

Discomfort vs. Injury

How do you know when you should legitimately call it quits from a hard fall/nagging injury vs. sucking it up and continuing the race?

Trail Run Adventure Grant: Awardees!

First, we’d like to say thank you to everyone who has submitted an application for the Trail Run Adventure Grant presented by Trail Sisters, Under

Moving Up in Race Distances

How will I know when my body is ready to jump from the half marathon to the 50k, or the 50k to the 50 mile?

Headlamp Suggestions

I’m running a 100 miler this summer and am looking for a good headlamp suggestion. What works best for you?

Training When Sick

Do you still train when you feel a cold coming on or when you are mildly sick? How do you know when to call it quits?

Fighting the Fear of Fat

Any thoughts on how to escape the mental frustrations of gaining a few pounds over the winter months?

Hella Warm Running Jackets

I dread Montana winters, they are freezing cold, but I still do my best to get out and run. What are your favorite winter running jackets?

Hot Tracks for Winter Trots

Getting out the door in the winter time (or anytime) can be rough. Some days lounging inside binge watching Game of Thrones or old episodes

Animal Encounters

What do I do if I run into a mountain lion or a bear on the trails?

Trail Bathroom Breaks

Do you have any suggestions of what I can do to help calm my stomach or can recommend any foods that might neutralize the battle in my tummy?