Trail Sisters
Adventure Grant

Awarding six women $500 to put towards their dream adventure, plus a gear kit from Trail Sisters and a pair of The North Face VECTIV Trail Running Shoes.

The Adventure Grant helps fund opportunities for women who want to explore, inspire, and share their experience with others.

About the Grant

Launched in 2018, the Adventure Grant was created to boost opportunity and encouragement for women to pursue their wildest adventure dreams.  

We know the temptation of curiosity, the rush of adrenaline, and the feeling of satisfaction when fulfilling a dream. It is something everyone should experience.

Trail Sisters and The North Face want women to embrace their capabilities and confidently go explore. These adventures provide representation of what is possible, and help to motivate others.

Though we are only able to award six women with a $500 grant, Trail Sisters and The North Face hope all women will be inspired to take on their wildest adventure dreams.

“Exploration is at the core of everything we do at The North Face, -- it’s who we are. So we are so excited to share in the adventures with these TS adventure grant awardees.”
Esther Kendall
The North Face
"Adventure. I don’t know what is more exciting, freeing, or liberating. Everyone deserves their own wild experience, and I’m grateful that Trail Sisters has the ability to aid six women in making their dream adventure come true."
Gina Lucrezi
Trail Sisters Founder

Criteria & Details

Six selected awardees receive a $500 grant to help with costs associated with their adventure. In addition, they receive a Trail Sisters gear kit and a pair of The North Face VECTIV Trail Running Shoes.

To qualify, candidates must submit applications that will be reviewed (anonymously) by a panel of Trail Sisters & members from The North Face. 

All women wanting to pursue their dream adventure are welcome to apply. Grants may be awarded for a first time trail run adventure, the seasoned hiker planning the next big challenge, or chasing down a fastest known time.

There are no required performance standards or previous experience, but awardees are required to write about their experience in an article for Trail Sisters and The North Face post-adventure.

Participants must be 18 yrs or older, and US residents (due to federal rules and regulations).

The deadline for application submissions is June 10th. Awardees will be announced at the end of June. 

Adventures must be completed before November 1st, 2022. 

Please note: These grants are not intended to help fund a trip to an organized race or event.

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The application window is closed. Awardees will be announced soon!

Adventure Grant Stories

Cara Vazquez

Sister Time on the Long Path

We chose to tackle three sections of the Long Path. The Long Path is a storied 357+ mile hiking trail stretching from the George Washington Bridge in New York City to Altamont near Albany. It runs north into the Palisades along the Hudson River before veering west into Harriman State Park and the Catskills.

Brenna Cassidy


I’m floundering in thigh-high snow, the struggle mostly futile, trying to catch up with my field partner. We are high above Yellowstone National Park, following the three-day old GPS points of a wolf wearing a radiocollar used for research, studying its diet and behavior by seeing where it goes and what it leaves behind.

Bailee Mulholland

Taking The LA Freeway

LA Freeway is a route from Longs Peak to the Arapahoes along the Continental Divide. It links the tallest point in Rocky Mountain National Park to the tallest point in the Indian Peaks and tags every peak along the way. Although it’s only 36ish miles long, there is approximately 20,000 feet of elevation gain, tricky navigation, and 5th class scrambling.

Marlene Haggblade

Running the Rubies

I have long thought about training for the Ruby Crest Trail – a point to point 35 mile/9k vert trail that winds its way up and down the Ruby Mountains in eastern Nevada. The Ruby Mountains, aka the Duka-Doya Mountains of the Te-Moak Tribe, are Nevada’s hidden gem. They span rugged peaks, sagebrush meadows, and crystal cool alpine lakes.

Gina Lucrezi

2021 Adventure Grant Awardees Announced!

In partnership with The North Face, the Trail Sisters Adventure Grant will award six women with a $500 check and a sweet gear kit to pursue their dream adventure. Both TNF and TS share a love for adventure as well as a passion to grow participation and opportunity in outdoor sports.

Amal Katrib

Finding “Home” Along the Lebanon Mountain Trail

Defining “home” is no simple task, with its seemingly transient fabric in the modern age that leaves many of us with a deep-rooted yearning for belonging. I was raised in Dubai to Syrian-Lebanese ex-pats who later immigrated to the US in support of a more secure and thriving future for my sister and I.

Lacey Scottum

Finding Limits on the Superior Hiking Trail

On day one in the dark of the early morning, I stood with my husband, Nate at the Southern Terminus of the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT). As I straddled the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin, I started my GPS watch and satellite tracker and took the first step toward the 310 miles to Canada.

Kimberly Ann

Six Days Solo in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Scared beyond reason, I set out on a trail I’d trotted many times to start my trip. The plan was a solo, six day, 100-mile fastpack closely paralleling the crest of the highest part of the Sierra Nevada. It would unnecessarily summit 18 peaks, cross 15 passes, accumulate 45,000’ ascent, and be approximately 50% off trail because all that is what I enjoy most.

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